No Time for an Update

Alloy #28 – Recap of Week of October 19, 2020

Hey everyone,

This week is a bit different as this will be more of a recap post than a planning post.

We’re still working hard on getting ready to launch Carbon. My guess is we’ll be going live around the second week of November.

This week we:

  • Planned final details for the launch

  • Began building Sign Up and Login pages

  • Refined the editor functionality for notes

  • Met to discuss roadblocks

Next week we:

  • Will have about half of the final bugs wrapped up

  • Begin setting up user accounts and base templates

  • Will begin working on our marketing landing page

That’s it for this week. Short and simple so we can get back to building and refining.

See ya soon!


Project Alloy is a passion project started in 2017 by Robert Floyd, a Savannah-based product designer. Project Alloy aims to redefine what the EHR is and how it functions.

You can find more information at

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