🏁 Finish Line... kinda

Alloy #29 – Week of November 10, 2020

I know we’ve been pretty quiet over here for the past few weeks. We’ve had some set backs with life getting in the way of progress and just in the last week have made some big strides towards getting Carbon ready for launch.

You can see below that we now have a login screen and user accounts are validating on the app. The only thing left to do is to connect notes to accounts and we’ll be ready to launch Carbon V1. We decided to go with Auth0 for user signup and access for their best-in-class security and ease of implementation.

With just a few additions left to get everything running, we’ll be hopefully launching either next week or the week after. A bit later than anticipated but not by too much.

Once we get Carbon V1 launched I’ll be sharing more about the future roadmap and how we intend to iterate. Remember, V1 is just that, version 1. We have much bigger plans for how Carbon can evolve into a full EMR.

Until next week, ✌️

Project Alloy is a passion project started in 2017 by Robert Floyd, a Savannah-based product designer. Project Alloy aims to redefine what the EHR is and how it functions.

You can find more information at alloyhealthcare.org

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